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My wife took this picture several years ago in one of the Dutch museums. The object of this artist fascinated me, but at the time I didn’t really know why. Back home, she indicated that she understood why this object caught my attention: “The intriguing thing about this object is that it has a direction, it starts with dark black, turns into bright white with an indefinable ending. That is what you have been doing for years in organizations: in the beginning everything is still unclear and through your intervisions you create clarity and give direction to their change ambitions”.

And as is so often the case, she is right: that’s what I do – how I do it doesn’t matter – the fact that my intervisions lead to results, that’s what matters.

In the years since my company Novy-T was founded, we have focused primarily on screening organizations in the early stages of change processes. Through the insights from these screenings, executives are better able to manage, they see resistance decrease and their project results improve. Target groups were often companies and institutions with a one-man board or a small management team; organizations that are too small to employ a change manager themselves. Over the years it has become increasingly clear to us that especially in SMEs change management expertise is lacking, and people are looking for a sparring partner they can trust.

Novy-T has been receiving that trust from clients in recent years and we were increasingly asked to take on a coaching and/or strategic role. Thus, we have gradually broadened our scope:

Executive Coaching

  • Strengthening personal and professional leadership competencies
  • Creating insights regarding willingness and readiness to change among decission-makers
  • Improving stakeholder engagement thoughout the entire transition process

Strategic Advice

  • Generation of customer insights through Net Promoter Score
  • Co-creation of renewed business proposition(s)
  • Drafting of action plan(s) with realistic and measurable performance indicators

Organizational Development

  • Guidance / implementation of Lean and/or DMAIC concepts
  • Support and selection of tools in each phase of project(s)
  • Development and/or deployment of training
  • Please note that for long-term projects, we recommend using freelancers from our network. We know these professionals personally and want to help them earn an honest living

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